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Learning by experiencing Escape Rooms: Financial Literacy for Adults


The FLER project aims to enhance financial literacy among adults, especially those living in rural areas, and to improve their skills for making sound financial decisions in everyday life and/or in businesses. 

Scenario-Based Learning Courses will provide the project beneficiaries with realistic context and emotional engagement, allowing for a more efficient understanding and retention of financial topics.

The FLER project is expected to enhance sustainable economic development and social welfare by improving the financial well-being of adults with low financial literacy.

According to the OECD/INFE 2020 International Survey of Adult Financial Literacy, Financial Literacy turned out to be low across the 26 sampled economies belonging to 3 different continents, including Europe.

The general objective of FLER project is to:

  • Equip low financial literate adults belonging to rural areas with a specific digital learning tool (Virtual Escape Room);
  • Host a Scenario-Based Learning (SBL) course on Financial Literacy, which will represent an effective learning approach;
  • Provide the learners with realistic context and emotional engagement, thus allowing for a more efficient understanding and retention of financial topics;
  • Result: Improve the target group’s financial well-being through enabling them to make sound financial decisions during their everyday life and ongoing and future businesses.

The primary target group of FLER project is represented by low financial literate adults belonging to rural areas.

The project will impact on:

  • The general adult education and training sector;
  • Adult Training Providers;
  • Adult learning experts;
  • Public institutions offering services to adult people;
  • Organisations with a specific and updated SBL course on Financial Literacy topics.

The results that will be produced will positively impact on adults, because they are designed to exploit an engaging and stimulating learning approach, that will support the active understanding of financial topics, their effective retention and efficient application.

The digital and online modality of the course ensures a great flexibility of learning activities, which is acknowledged to be pivotal to fully customise the training that the project intends to develop to the target group needs.

Based on different real-life scenarios aiming to improve financial competencies, tailored to the learning needs of low financial literate adults. 

Appealing and motivating Game-Based Learning tool in the financial literacy.


Warsaw University of Life Sciences is one of the oldest universities in Poland. The main goal is to facilitate the economic and intellectual development of Polish society, with a particular focus on rural areas, the food industry, and the environment. The University puts great attention to innovation and development, thanks to which it is recognized among business practitioners representing the sector of both small, medium, and large enterprises.


Effebi Association (EFFEBI) is a non-profit Association which since its foundation in 1978 has been a reference point for people involved in the management and development of HR and organizational models mainly for the banking & financial sector.


The Private Foundation Institut d’Estudis Financers (IEF) is a prestigious learning institution specialized in financial and banking training and Financial Education. IEF was conceived and created in Barcelona by organizations from within these sectors to foster competitiveness, efficiency as well as to enhance the internationalization and innovation of the finance sector as a whole.


Eurodimensions is a consultancy company based in Malta . We seek to fulfil the need to nurture entrepreneurship through education, competitiveness, business development, training and the creation of partnerships. Accumulated over the years, we heve achieved a combination of experience and know-how, with the ideas and innovation of our collaborators and built a mutual network of experienced trainers, knowledgeable mentors , European Universities, NGOs and Incubators.


Folkuniversitetet (FU) is a national Adult Education Association which offers a wide range of VET and adult education training courses throughout Sweden and in several European countries. A large part of the training offered by Folkuniversitetet targets people who need new knowledge and skills to apply in professional and/or labour market contexts. Government services, public authorities and the business sector also turn to Folkuniversitetet for assistance with specialized training courses and is an experienced IT educator.


Virtual Campus is a development, training and consulting SME in the areas of Technology Enhanced Learning, Serious Games and Information Systems. Its vision is to actively promote the development of the Knowledge Society by supporting public and private entities in the process of designing and developing strategies and projects that lead to increased societal benefits.


DIMITRA Education & Consulting is one of the largest and well-distinguished Initial and Continuing Vocational Education & Training (VET) providers with Training Centres in 5 cities in Greece offering its services to thousands of learners annually. DIMITRA is accredited for offering both Initial VET courses by the Greek Ministry of Education; Continuing VET courses and Consulting Services by the National Organisation for the Certification of Qualifications and Vocational Guidance (EOPPEP).

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